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Pima Youth Vote Initiative Relaunches

Pima Youth Vote is a project of the Youth Leadership Council and Credle to Career (C2C) that is dedicated to getting the vote out to Opportunity Youth in Pima County, individuals 16 – 25 who are not in school or working. As one of the most vulnerable populations, it is essential that their voice is heard so they can engage in the political processes and enact policies that affect their lives.

The United Youth Leadership Council aims to actively incorporate a multitude of youth voices into conversations around policies, strategies, and solutions that affect young people in Pima County. The UYLC believes in community stewardship and advocacy, positive role-modeling, individual accountability, and authentic participation. The United Youth Leadership Council has been an integral part of the Cradle to Career Partnership in working to improve employment and educational systems for Pima County’s over 21,000 Opportunity Youth.

Pima Youth Vote is a project of: